Groninger Folkgroep Törf - Home
Translated by Linda de Roo.

The folk group from Groningen, the Netherlands was founded in 1975. Torf was one of the first folk groups in the area concerned with the local song and dance tradition. Appropriate traditionals were examined in written as well as verbal sources. In the 80's Torf had progressed by using groninger (local) poetry as a starting point for their music. Members of the folk group Torf have turned the work from poets such as Hans Elema, Siemon van Wattum en Jan Boer into music. Besides this, a lot of conscientious effort has gone into the study of the Groninger tradition.

Over the years, Torf has developed its own, unique sound. The music has, on the one hand a very traditional sound but is, at the same time, very modern because of its distinctive orchestration and instruments. The sound is determined by a mix of guitars, back pipes, violin, exotic instruments, accordion, bass guitar and song. In Torf, one can recognize a very special combination of lyrics in local vernacular and a multilateral form of world music.