Groninger Folkgroep Törf - bert
Translated by Linda de Roo.

Bert has been playing, together with his brother Geert, songs from the Torf album ‘Kovvie kloar’ since he was thirteen. When he was nineteen, his dream became reality: He was asked to be guitarist of Torf. He now plays guitar, cittern, bouzouki and banjo with the band and he is also responsible for much of the orchestration.

Bert has studied classical guitar at the conservatorium of Groningen en Zwolle. Apart from playing with Torf he plays with singer Tineke Rouw, with singer Linde Nijland and in ‘The Star of the North Ceili Band’. Besides musician, Bert is also an International lorry driver. His hobbies are chess and hiking across the Dutch Wadden shallows. He, apparently, hates saxophones. Bert lives in a wooden shed, hidden away in the Groninger countryside.